The Mentality Behind My Eating Disorder

While some eating disorders may seem physically apparent, it’s what’s going on inside the mind that is truly so toxic and draining. … More The Mentality Behind My Eating Disorder


NEDA Awareness Week

National Eating Disorders Awareness week started on February 26th and ends March 4th. NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association) has dubbed the theme of this year’s week of awareness “Let’s Get Real.” … More NEDA Awareness Week

Intuitive Eating

Say it with me now… “Diets don’t work!” Instead, practicing intuitive eating will help us to feel at peace with both our bodies and food. Intuitive eating, both incredibly simple and deeply complex, helps us to unlearn diet culture thoughts, and instead listen to our innate hunger cues … More Intuitive Eating


Fatphobia is the fear and dislike of obese people and/or obesity. It affects everyone in our society both consciously and unconsciously, myself included. Simply put, we’re afraid of fat people and/or we’re afraid of being fat. The question is, why? And what can we do about it? … More Fatphobia